Yonfer 14-6-38
Total nutrients:58%
Product type:Water Soluble Fertilizer
Product features:

Scientific formula excellent product

It is designed according to the law of crop fertilizer demand, the characteristics of soil fertilizer supply and the characteristics of fertilizer response; High quality raw materials combined with advanced production technology are used to effectively improve fertilizer utilization.

Instant fertilizer saving and labor saving

Good water solubility, no residue, and no pipe blockage. It is applicable to drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation. The operation is simple, which can realize precise fertilization, reduce nutrient waste and improve crop yield.

Rich in trace fertilizer to enhance resistance

Rich in calcium, magnesium and other integrated trace elements, it can significantly promote crop growth and development, enhance stress resistance, and reduce physiological diseases.

Recommended application amount and method:

This product is applicable to all crops.