Phosphogypsum Building Materials

Brief Introduction

In order to improve the comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum, Yonfer established a subsidiary, Hubei Xinyangfeng New Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd., which is specially engaged in the R&D, production and sales of phosphogypsum new building materials. Phosphogypsum will be used as a resource to couple with building materials, cement, agriculture, new materials and other industries, so as to broaden the utilization of phosphogypsum and promote the sustainable development of phosphogypsum industry. Yonfer has invested 800 million RMB Yuan to build four production bases which cover a total area of more than 67 hectares in Hubei province and Sichuan province, with an annual production capacity 2.1 million tons for building gypsum powder and α high-strength gypsum powder, and 3 million tons for spherical (powdered) cement retarder.

Product Innovation

In cooperation with well-known experts and professors from Tsinghua University, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan University of Engineering, Chongqing University and other professional colleges, Yonfer has set up a new building materials R&D center, and a well-equipped physics, chemistry and application laboratory by adopting internationally advanced experimental instruments and equipment. The company has also introduced many professional and technical talents who have been engaged in R&D and application in the world's top 500 gypsum building materials enterprises for many years. Through in-depth research on the comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum, it has developed and introduced competitive products such as α High strength gypsum powder, building gypsum powder, ball (powder) cement retarder, etc.

Product innovation

Building Gypsum Powder

Building gypsum powder is one of the commonly used pneumatic inorganic cementing materials, which is made of dihydrate gypsum through low-temperature calcination and dehydration modification.

Product features:

1. The product performance is stable and reliable, the initial and final setting time is appropriate, and the strength and other performance indicators are excellent;

2. Fast setting and hardening, light volume weight, good sound insulation performance, adjustable air humidity, and good fire resistance;

3. The radioactivity is far lower than the national standard GB/T9776-2008;

4. Good slurry forming property, especially suitable for gypsum-based building materials such as gypsum mortar, gypsum block, gypsum mold box, paper faced gypsum board;

5. After grinding by ball mill, the gypsum powder has fine size, reasonable distribution and strong adaptability.

Cement Retarder

Cement retarder is an additive that can delay cement hydration reaction, thus extending the setting time of concrete, making fresh concrete maintain plasticity for a long time, and facilitating pouring and improving construction efficiency. At the same time, it will not affect the performance of concrete in the later stage.

Product features:

1. The content of CaS04-2H2O ≥ 85%, reaching the first grade gypsum standard, and the mixing proportion can be reduced by 1%;

2. By solidifying soluble phosphorus and fluorine to reduce the setting time of cement, the retarding performance is comparable to that of natural gypsum;

3. Ph ≥ 7, can stimulate the cement strength to some extent;

4. The product is spherical and powdery, and does not need to be broken, which can reduce the production cost of cement.

Technological Innovation

Yonfer strictly implements the ISO14001 international environmental management system and the ISO9001 international quality management system, always maintains the domestic leading scientific research level and manufacturing level, and has a high industry influence. It is a participant in the compilation of industrial standards and national standards such as Gypsum Based Self-Leveling Floor Mortar, Technical specification for Application of Gypsum Based Self-Leveling Floor Mortar, Building Gypsum, Plaster Gypsum, etc. It also participates in the compilation of Technical Specification for Application of Gypsum Putty for Interior Decoration and Industrial Byproduct Gypsum Slate for Building Partition, and drafts the group standard of Spherical Phosphogypsum Cement Retarder.

Mode Innovation

By adopting the innovative model of "start your business in our construction park", Yonfer has completed the land acquisition and the construction of plants, warehouses and gypsum powder calcination production plants to attract investment from the downstream powerful and skilled phosphogypsum deep processing enterprises. The park has now settled in six enterprises, including Hubei Xinyangfeng New Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Hubei Jipeike Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Zhongxiang Tianyu Building Materials Co., Ltd., Qiangnai (Hubei) Gypsum Technology Co., Ltd., Hubei Jinyakun Building Materials Co., Ltd., and Hubei Beibang New Building Materials Co., Ltd.