Yonfer 15-32-6
Total nutrients:53%
Product type:Compound Fertilizer
Product features:

1. Stable quality and effect, uniform granules

The product is synthesized by chemical reaction, with stable product quality. The nutrient distribution of each granule is uniform, and providing rich nutrients for crops; Stable quality guarantees stable effect and safe use.

2. Fast and long effect, instant absorption

This product contains ammonium nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, water-soluble phosphorus, water-soluble potassium, etc., which can be quickly absorbed by crops. With unique technology, the fertilizer effect period is longer than that of ordinary nitrate sulfur-based ones. Its multiple forms of nutrients are synergetic to promote crop absorption.

3. Safe and green manufacturing

The peculiarity is neutral, so it is friendly and safe to crop roots and soil. It is potassium sulfate type products, so can ensure safe use.

Recommended application amount and method:

1. Determine the amount of fertilizer according to the target yield and fertilization stage. The amount as base fertilizer is high. Select the appropriate amount of topdressing according to the growth trend. If in doubt, consult the local agrochemical and business personnel.

2. When flushing with water, it should be applied many times with a small amount each time.

3. This product contains a small amount of water insoluble substances. If drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation are required, they must be filtered in advance and used after a small amount of test with local irrigation water to prevent blockage.


1. If the fertilizer is not used up, the bag shall be sealed in time;

2. Please keep this product away from children and store it in a cool and dry place.