Yonfer 13-5-27
Total nutrients:45%
Product type:Compound Fertilizer
Product features:

1. High potassium and sulfur base, quick fruit expansion

Timely supplement the demand for potassium fertilizer during fruit expansion, promote rapid fruit expansion, improve quality and increase production.

2. Seaweed resists stress and keeps fruits beautiful

Seaweed resists stress can significantly reduce physiological and pathological fruit loss, promote natural color change of fruits and improve quality.

Recommended application amount and method:

This product is applicable to all crops.

The specific amount shall be adjusted according to the local soil fertility level.


Avoid the contact between the fertilizer and the seed or root system. The seed and fertilizer shall be separated by 8-10 cm, and the fruit trees shall be applied along the outer edge of the drip line. The effect of fertilization by stages is better, and it is recommended to cover the soil after fertilization; Seal the bag in time if it is not used up after opening.