Yonfer 15-15-15
Total nutrients:45%
Product type:Compound Fertilizer
Product features:

Balanced nutrition and microelement fertilizer help

This product is refined from high-quality nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium raw materials and specially added with a variety of chelated medium and trace elements to meet the needs of crops for macro, medium and trace elements and ensure crop yield and quality.

Quick acting nitrogen source, quick fertilization

The nitrogen forms of this product are all available nitrate nitrogen and ammonium nitrogen, of which the nitrate nitrogen content is high, which can be directly absorbed by crops after application, and has a rapid effect.

High security and safe use

This product contains no chloride ion, biuret and hormone. It is safe to use, especially suitable for cash crops.

Recommended application amount and method:

The fertilization method can be broadcast application, water application, hole application and furrow application.

Various factors such as crops, soils and climate, target yield should be considered for the specific application rate. The local Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Soil and Fertilizer Station and other authorities can be consulted.