Agrochemical Service

Agrochemical Team

In cooperation with China Agricultural University, Yonfer established a CAU-Yonfer New Type Fertilizer Research and Development Center, in an aim to research, develop, produce and promote crop specific fertilizers and other new products. The company also cooperates with nearly 20 scientific research institutes such as China Agricultural University, Huazhong Agricultural University, Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University, and in combination with more than 200 agronomists of the company (more than 50% of whom have got master degree), to provide technical support and agrochemical services to more than 5,500 distributors, nearly 70,000 retailers and farmers.

Service Mode

After years of accumulation and practice, Yonfer has established an agrochemical service model covering the whole growth cycle of crops and formed a "pyramid system of technical services". Composed of scientific research experts from more than 20 universities, scientific research institutes and Yonfer, the top layer of the tower is serving as the guidance and top architecture of the agroservice; the middle layer is composed of more than 200 professional and technical service talents and primary-level experts from local agricultural technology departments, guiding the implementation of technical services; The foundation of the pyramid is a team jointly built by more than 800 promoters of Yonfer, new farmers, large growers, providing services in the field all the year round and closely linking service innovation with the production and life of farmers. Yonfer's technical service not only covers the management of the whole growth cycle of crops, but also involves seeds, pesticides and fertilization, etc. The company also compiles a series of agricultural technology service manuals to guide farmers in detail what to do, how to do and what standards to achieve for different crops at each time node, and strengthens the innovation of "technology + marketing" service mode, comprehensively implements the "four person group operation mode" which is composed of professional technical service personnel and promoters , and assigns technical service personnel to serve different regions, focusing on technical guidance and product after-sales service for growers.

Agrochemical services

Fertilizer Recommendation

Relying on the soil database of China Agricultural University and the crop expert system of the National Nutrition Resources Management Cooperation Network, Yonfer established a soil testing laboratory and a China soil database to track soil changes in real time, and develop crop special fertilizers by following the philosophy of "main formula, small adjustment" and "what is lacking, what is needed". The company also guides farmers to apply fertilizer scientifically and eco-friendly, and promote rural revitalization and common prosperity by providing farmers with professional soil testing services of "fertilization based on soil".

Field Demonstration

In cooperation with China Agricultural University, the National Agricultural Technology Promotion Service Center, the National Hybrid Rice Engineering Research Center, Yonfer established a crop experiment demonstration network across China, in an aim to lead the fertilizer revolution in China, guide farmers to use fertilizer scientifically, as well as provide technical support for the R&D, production and promotion of products. From the beginning of the establishment of the service team to June 2022, the company has built 3,156 high standard demonstration field bases, which cover not only major provinces, cities and autonomous regions of the country, but also major cash crops and field crop varieties, and the scale is leading in the industry. By constructing high standard demonstration fields, and demonstrating new planting technologies and the fertilizer efficiency of new fertilizers, Yonfer promotes the popularity of new planting technologies and the application of new fertilizers.

Technical Training

At the planting terminal, Yonfer formulates a feasible service plan around "focusing on regions, crops and products", intensively carries out technical training and demonstration through multiple channels, and opens up the "last mile" of technical services. By 2021, Yonfer has held 5,942 technical training meetings and demonstration observation meetings, trained nearly 350,000 people, developed 1,787 crop nutrition solutions, 3,784 training courseware and 336 technical videos, and formed 1,885 soil test-based fertilizer recommendation reports.

Technical Consultation

Free service hotline, crop agronomists are online 24 hours a day to provide customers with comprehensive technical consulting services at any time.

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