Yonfer updated its Corporate Culture
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On November 12, 2022, Yonfer announced its new corporate culture system. It fully summarizes the excellent cultural factors in the development course for nearly 40 years through the combing and upgrading of corporate culture, and actively integrates into the company's needs for new cultural in the new era of transformation and upgrading and seeking high-quality development of the two main industries.

This new corporate culture system includes company name and its connotations, spirit, mission, vision, core values and cornerstones.

Name connotations of Xinyangfeng Yonfer’s Chinese name

        Xin means that innovation is the soul and consolidation of its leading position.

        Yang means a vast ambition of the company.

        Feng means a good harvest for farmers.

Cultural characteristics highlight the background features of the enterprise. This new culture system, from the pattern to the content fully reflects the unique temperament and feelings of Yonfer employees.

How to understand its content?


High aspirations and keep exceeding

Yonfer always has high aspirations and keeps exceeding its goals. It never stops to strive for pursuing of its dreams, overcoming difficulties and challenges with resilience and courage. It forges the soul of Yonfer spirit.

Sharing responsibility for society

Yonfer promises to be a responsible company, which is the final result of our pursuit and realization of Yonfer dream. Yonfer sticks to voluntary tax contribution, employment enhancement, non-profit projects, eco-friendly development, leading industry development.

Sharing achievement with employees

Yonfer has always giving great value to dedicated employees, making sure that every hard worker who contributes to the success of the company shares the fruit. Yonfer enables them the realization of life value along with the growth of Yonfer and harvests their continuously growing income from Yonfer, truly feeling a sense of happiness and pride for being with Yonfer.


Benefit the society based on phosphorus, nurture the agriculture around the world

Its mission statement means that based on phosphorus resources, Yonfer will continuously strengthen its major business of phosphate and compound fertilizers. Through high quality products and services, Yonfer will improve the yield and revenue for farmers, enhance the prosperity and revitalization of rural areas, and promote the eco-friendly development of agriculture. At the same time, Yonfer will actively explore and realize the maximization of the phosphate chemical industry chain, putting more resources into new materials and final chemicals, so as to generate more return for its customers, employees, shareholders as well as the whole society.


Leading the new trend of the industry and building a long lasting Yonfer

It means Yonfer will strive to be the industry leader, rather than follower. Yonfer will continue to enhance its development goals so as to become a long lasting company with more vivid corporate characteristics, more specific company competitiveness, larger company scale, sustainably strengthened comprehensive capacity, more respectable by the society and more sense of pride by its employees.

Core Values

Company level


As the most important aspect of the values, responsibility is the basis of existence for Yonfer. While pursuing its own development, it also actively performs its social responsibility, making contribution to the society in terms of tax revenue, employment, public welfare, rural rejuvenation, as well as promotion of industrial progress. Adhering to the three red lines of "Safety, Environment and Quality", Yonfer respects and cares its employees, making sure that every hard working Yonfer people can share the fruit of its successful development.


Pragmatism is a useful tool for Yonfer’s continuous growth. Being realistic, down-to-earth, scientific prudence are precious characteristics deeply rooted in every Yonfer employee’s behavior. Yonfer highly values solid style, high quality and efficiency and strongly opposes to making useless comments without delivering concrete result.


Innovation is the inexhaustible power for Yonfer's development and growth and the most important weapon for its industrial leadership. Only by sticking to comprehensive innovation in its products, technique, service, model and management, can Yonfer realizes a sustainable development.


Inclusiveness is the cultural soil for Yonfer to channel resources and promote innovation. Yonfer has a broadminded environment and tolerates unintentional mistakes, encouraging people's strength and tolerating people's shortages, so that employees dare to innovate by trial for mistakes. With this inclusive environment and consciousness, more talents, partner and social resources are grouped into Yonfer. Xenophobia is discouraged and new advanced concepts are encouraged to absorbed. Mutual respect, mutual learning and humbleness are highly cherished within Yonfer.

Partner level


Yonfer always sticks to honesty as its behavior benchmark. Only by treating each other with honesty and credibility, keeping promise and cherishing reputation, can partners benefit each for a long term cooperation.


It means that Yonfer and its partners have a likeminded thinking and a community of interests and objectives. Only with thinking from other’s position and forming a common ground of interest, the foundation of cooperation is solid, the path of cooperation is broad and the result of cooperation is excellent.


It is the means of realization of cooperation for Yonfer. By channeling multisource powers together, and let each party make best use of their advantages, a complementary combination is formed towards a common goal, going hand-in-hand and creating value.

Mutual benefit

It is the initiative and goal of Yonfer to seek for cooperation. A cooperation that cares only one party's interest is due to fail and be in short term. Interests of all parties to a cooperation should be taking care of so as to establish an harmonious and win-win cooperation relationship.

Employee level


There are two aspects of meaning for integrity. Firstly, Yonfer should abide by all laws and regulations applicable, follow the right path and clearly oppose all activities and behavior that are against laws and regulations. Secondly, for human relationships, it is highly advocated to behave simple as a person, to dedicate oneself to the job, to promote righteousness and to oppose infighting, intrigues and disseminating of negative attitude.


It is the attitude and respect of Yonfer people towards their jobs. All Yonfer employees should be loyal to their position and job, striving forward against difficulties and awarding best result for their time.


It is the dedication to Yonfer’s craftsmanship spirit. Highly dedicated skills and techniques, pursuit of excellence and quality and strict standard oriented make professionalism the biggest source of productivity.


All Yonfer people shall have a sense of big picture, unity and collaboration so that a synergy could be realized by collective effort and collaboration. Egoism and individualistic heroism are not encouraged in Yonfer.


"Safety, environment and quality" are the lifelines of Yonfer's existence and development and the foundation for Yonfer's high structure. These three cornerstones are the redline that must be secure. Nobody and no decision shall ignore and trample these redlines.


Without safety, company could collapse immediately and everything could go back to zero. Yonfer always prioritizes the safety of human life, production and company assets. We tolerate no negligence in the safety concepts and safety measures. Everybody should bear in mind that "Countless effort of safety measures to prevent one single safety accident.”


Without environment protection, it may have serious negative damage to the society, which may lead to the cease of operation of a company. In terms of environment protection, Yonfer has always been sticking to the principle of big investment, strict management, and heavy penalty. Yonfer endeavors to produce eco-friendly products with green technology and plants, save energy and reduce carbon emission, and recycle useful resources so as to leave green mountain and blue water to our next generation.


A good market depends on the quality of products. Likewise, a good brand and reputation also derives from good quality. Without good quality, the foundation of the company would be unstable and no future for the company. Every Yonfer employee cherishes the quality concept of "Dedicated quality and continuous improvement". It is our paramount to return clients’ trust with improved technique, professional attitude, highly fine-tuned products and best quality.

Culture is the "essence, temperament and spirit" of an enterprise, the source of its development and innovation, leads the future development direction and guides the thoughts and behaviors of all employees. The culture of Yonfer reflects the "soul" of Yonfer people, and plays a fundamental supporting role in the important period when the company is forging ahead on a new journey and making achievements in a new era. To shoulder the new mission and meet the new vision, Yonfer people will work hard continuously to make it grow into a modern enterprise, which enjoys more consolidated industry position, more distinct enterprise characteristics, more significant competitive advantage, and stands in the vanguard of scientific innovation, with more respectable by the society and more sense of pride by its employees.