Two Certificates Awarded for the Good Reputation of Yonfer
VIEWS:821  2022.11.23  KEY WORD:Certificates, Good Reputation


Cao Yong (left) handed the certificate of honor to Yonfer

On November 9, Cao Yong, Director of the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Dongbao District, Jingmen City, visited Yonfer and handed over two certificates of "Keep Contract and Keep Credit Enterprise" issued by the market regulatory authorities of both Hubei province and Jingmen city respectively. Yang Jie, Deputy Director of the General Service Department of Yonfer, warmly received him.


( The certificate of "The 26th Keep Contract and Keep Credit Enterprises in Hubei Province from 2020-2021" issued by Hubei Administration for Market Regulation) 


( The certificate of "Keep Contract and Keep Credit Enterprises in Jingmen City from 2020-2021" issued by Jingmen Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau)

The certificate of "Keep Contract and Keep Credit Enterprises" is a comprehensive evaluation activity and recognition of Chinese government on enterprise credit. Only less than 5% of enterprises can obtain this honor, which represents the good reputation of an enterprise.

Yonfer has repeatedly won the national, provincial and municipal "Keep Contract and Keep Credit Enterprise" honor. This award is not only the full affirmation of all sectors of society to Yonfer's honest management, the construction of the enterprise credit system and the maintenance of the contract credit over the years, but also the high recognition of the market regulatory authorities.


Integrity and law-abiding is the foundation of an enterprise's sustainable operation. In the future, Yonfer will continuously stick to the concept of integrity to carry out business, promote service and build brand, so as to constantly improve the level of enterprise integrity, be a benchmark of the industry integrity construction, and make contribution to the construction of national enterprise integrity and social credit.