Yonfer Brand

  • 01

    Green leaves – nature, ecology, green development

  • 02

    Rubic's cube shape - continuous innovation and indefinite possibilities

  • 03

    Embroidered with Y and F, initials of “Yang Feng” in Chinese

  • 04

    Multi-dimensions - Serve for various regions and crops

  • 05

    Green shield- safe, environment-friendly and quality

  • 06

    A joyous celebration of good harvest

Green leaves in the logo symbolize the good ecological environment granted by nature. In fresh and elegant green, the logo represents Yonfer's commitment to green development and protection of clean water and green mountain. The shape similar to a Rubik's cube, implying Yonfer's constant innovative development, and a future of boundless possibilities. Meanwhile, it embroidered with the letters “Y” and “F”, initials of “Yang Feng” in Chinese. The three dimensions indicate Yonfer's products and services are universally applied to various regions and crops, and provide green solutions for plant nutrients and soil conditions. The outline of shield represents our focus on quality, and to safeguard food security and the environment. The shape of square with smooth curves, as the ancient Chinese believed, the sky is round and earth is square, symbolized the vigorous nature, and happiness for good harvests, which is in coherence with our mission to serve the industry and the people.