'In a Square Way, the Change of Payment Industry': New Trend of the Future Development of Xinyangfeng New LOGO

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On June 23, 2019, the autumn Marketing Summit of Xinyangfeng in 2019 was held in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province. At the same time, the brand LOGO of Xinyangfeng was released for the first time. At that time, the brand image of Xinyangfeng was officially unveiled. Following the renaming of "Xinyangfeng Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd", the new LOGO system was launched to further interpret and upgrade the "new core" and "new trend" of the company's development. This is not only the firm brand of Xinyangfeng "brand evergreen" in the first year of brand upgrading, but also the new definition, new requirements and new goals of its own development strategy in the year of industry change.

Heaven and man are in one, circulating and reciprocating. Seek your own source and pay for everything. This new brand LOGO will better interpret the concept of "green development" from the form and meaning, achieve sustainable development under the impetus of multiple factors of science, technology and innovation, truly shoulder the mission of "serving agriculture, countryside and Huize" and greet and lead the industry change with its steady and pragmatic attitude. To feed back China's agriculture with the benchmark status of fertilizer industry and contribute to the new modern agricultural poem of "green mountains, green waters and fertile land"!

"Green" is the source and "Creation" is the first. The new LOGO design elements select vigorous growing veins to form the graphic subject, expressing the gratitude and awe of nature for the rich ecology of agricultural development under the concept of "harmony between man and nature". It is precisely based on the premise of harmonious coexistence between man and nature that Xinyangfeng chooses fresh and elegant green as the main color of the logo, which also fits. Xinyangfeng bases itself on green development and protects the long-term management concept of green waters and green mountains.


The main body of the logo embodies Xinyangfeng's pragmatic and steady image of industry leaders in a square manner, and endows Xinyangfeng with the sense of magic cube created in three dimensions with the future space of innovation and infinite imagination.

At the same time, the acronyms Y and F of "Yangfeng" are skillfully integrated, which not only embodies the specificity of the logo, but also symbolizes the integration and penetration of the green soul of Yangfeng. From the visual effect of the main body of the logo, it gives far-reaching meaning through the three levels of "omni-directional solution solver", "food security guardian" and "good agricultural creator".

Firstly, three-dimensional modular experience shows that Xinyangfeng products are suitable for all regions and crops, and are committed to becoming green solution providers for crop nutrition and soil health.


Secondly, it is like a security guard shield, representing Xinyang Feng's unshakable adherence to the red line of safety, quality and environmental protection, and always provides the best guarantee for food security.


Finally, the outline of the logo, with the meaning of "Tianyuan Place", has a vibrant visual sense of all things on the earth. It symbolizes joy and harvest. It not only represents farmers'yearning for a better life, but also corresponds to the mission of Xinyangfeng's "fertile agriculture, countryside and four sides of Huize".


"As long as we live on this land, it is a natural benefit for us to lead from joy to joy." Green development gives Xinyangfeng the source of its development. Innovation and transformation create the driving force for its development. This is not only when the industry breaks down, but also when Xinyangfeng reinterprets its own development and leads the industry to progress. Strategic pattern of helping China's agricultural green development.

Sailing all the time will make a long voyage. Looking back on the development process of Xinyangfeng in the past 30 years, we firmly grasp five major opportunities, which is the key factor for the steady development of Xinyangfeng.

First, around the turn of the century, China has taken the lead in realizing a comprehensive transition from simple fertilizer to compound fertilizer and from low concentration to high concentration. The adjustment of product structure has won the first chance for enterprises.

Second, in the mid and late 1990s, seizing the opportunity of opening up the agricultural market by the state, we took the lead in establishing a sales network with private enterprises as the main agents in the country, controlling our own honest and trustworthy sales system, and occupying the market share to the greatest extent.

Thirdly, in 2001, private enterprises were successfully restructured into joint-stock enterprises. Enterprises had full autonomy, decision-making power and distribution power, and the productive forces were liberated.

Fourthly, since 2004, we have expanded our scale and deployed ten production bases throughout the country. Among them, the construction of basic fertilizer production base in phosphate ore resource land and secondary processing fertilizer base in developed agricultural areas have occupied two commanding heights of resources and market. Fifth, the company successfully landed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange motherboard on April 12, 2014, so that the company can seek better and faster development on a higher and larger platform.

In 2016, facing the macroeconomic and industrial development changes, the company launched the demonstration and compilation of the 13th Five-Year Plan, clarifying the strategic vision of building the company into a "leading provider of modern agricultural industry solutions".

In 2018, under the background of the National Strategic Plan for Vitalization of Rural Areas (2018-2022), the company reiterated the development concept of "green development", and put forward specific requirements and objectives for resource recycling, environmental protection and safety construction, green product production, technology promotion and application.

Yang Caixue, chairman of the board of directors, has emphasized on many occasions that "the demand for green agricultural development has brought endless imagination to the development of the industry. At present, the demand for green agricultural development is urgent. Soil pollution, water pollution, air pollution and other hazards emerge endlessly. It is precisely because there are many problems that need to be solved urgently that the fertilizer industry has the opportunity to start a full one." A new age full of imagination.

At the same time, Xinyangfeng will continue to extend to the direction of agricultural industry, make full use of its own resource advantages, and firmly grasp the opportunities given by the times.

Xinyangfeng has gone through 30 years. Pragmatism and steadiness are its base spirit in the face of stormy waves. The new symbol will better reflect and guide the future development of Xinyangfeng. Creating a better life through green development is not only the historical opportunity given by the times, but also the soul branding of every Xinyangfeng person. Print!


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