• 5

    million tons of phosphate rock resources*
  • 10

    production base
  • 800

    ten thousand ton/Annual Phosphorus Compound Fertilizer
  • 2500

    county sales network coverage

*The parent company, Hubei Yangfeng Group, owns 500-600 million tons of phosphate rock resources.


YONFER—A leading solution provider of the modern agricultural industry

Publicly listed in the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock code 000902), Xinyangfeng Agricultural Technology Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Yonfer” or “the Company”), covers a business scope of the R&D, production and marketing of highly concentrated phosphate fertilizers and specialty fertilizers, as well as the supply of modern agricultural technology, facility, equipment, products and services. According to the annual report of year 2018, the company has a total asset of 8.999 billion RMB Yuan (equivalent to 1.28 billion USD at a rate of 1 USD=7.0456 CNY). With more than 6,000 employees, the company is a national-level high technology enterprise, a leader of phosphate and compound fertilizer companies, Top 100 of fertilizer companies in China, Top 500 of the private companies in China and Top 500 of the manufacturing firms in China.

Yonfer was founded in 1982, with its headquarters in both Beijing and Jingmen of Hubei Province. Boasting with a reserve of 500 million tons of phosphate rocks, the company now has ten production bases across China, with an annual production capacity of eight million tons concentrated phosphates and compounder fertilizers. Its wide distribution network spreads in 2,500 counties. The company has two main brands, YANGFENG® and AUTTLER®. Yonfer always committed to providing quality and suitable fertilizer products to our distributors and growers, which won the trust of distributors and growers and laid a sound foundation for its industry leader position.By continuously following the direction and trend of the development of China’s agriculture, the company will further strengthen its main fertilizer business. At the same time, the company extending its business towards modern agricultural industry, in particular, modern facility agriculture, smart agriculture, as well as the production, planting and circulation of reliable and sustainable agriculture. With the help of informational technology, the company is experiencing a digitalization transformation, aiming to become a leading solution provider of the modern agricultural industry.

As an industry leader, Yonfer embraces domestic market as well as overseas. By investment, merging, and joint ventures, the company endeavors to realize its global vision in trade, technology, production and resources.