Expert Team

Yonfer worked together with China Agriculture University, and established a joint research center on new type fertilizers, which aims at research and development, producing and promoting crop special fertilizers and other new products. Our solution team, consists of outside experts from 20 top agriculture universities and research centers, and more than 30 senior agronomists and 50 crop nutritionists, are always ready to provide professional technical solutions for our 5,000 distributors, 60,000 sales branches, and grower customers.

Soil Test-Based Fertilizer Recommendation

To monitor the dynamic soil conditions and get real-time soil data, Yonfer established a soil testing lab and created China’s soil big data, by connecting with China Agriculture University’s soil database and supported by experts with National Crop Nutrients Center.

We aim to be the leader in providing specific fertilizers, by developing basic formulas based on the regional soil tests, and making micro adjustments based on specific areas and crops, and recommending the nutrients in demand.

Field demonstration

We established a national demonstration network, together with China Agriculture University, National Agricultural Technology Extending Service Center (NATESC) of Ministry of Agriculture, and China National Hybrid Rice R&D Center. The network consists of 40 pilots in 13 provinces, which come out with over 860 sets experiment data in the last decade, showing that on average crop yields increased 8.6%, and nitro fertilizer efficiency raised 32.6%, while application rate decreased and thus fertilization costs reduced 63 yuan per Mu, which means a revenue increase of 314 yuan per Mu for the growers.

Training and Education

Yonfer is active in sharing our agronomic expertise with distributors and growers, including in cropping and pest control techniques. In 2017, we delivered more than 3,600 training lectures to 300,000 distributors and farmers, and published 260 technical articles in authorized agro-newspaper, like Farmers Daily, China Agricultural Means of Production, among others.

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